Monday, 23 January 2012

Decent trail, decent ride!

Morning boys and girls, hope the weekend was a good riding experience and you had some fun.

So this weekend was both a good and bad riding experience. Good because the riding was fun, bad because  my bike was playing up a lot and became very frustrating, but that is another story. 

We hit the new trail, well a new trail for us that is,  a place called Deer Park, on Sunday morning, which was perfect as it was still cool and the sun wasn't cooking us yet. The trail definitely puts a beginner or intermediate rider to the test and for the advanced rider not a bad testing ground either.

The trail starts off pretty straight-forward, with a little steep hill here and there before you hit the big uphills. WARNING: The downhills are good fun, but extremely slippery due to the trail having more loose gravel than than a small quarry! Once you have reached the big uphills, it's non-stop to the top to the famous block house. The view is spectacular at the top of the ride, unfortunately when we did it, it was completely overcast and misty, so it felt like riding in a 1930's Alfred Hitchcock horror film

After making it to the block house, it's fairly downhill from there. Instead of going back the way you came, you can go onto table mountain road, which is a much needed cool down ride, as it is mainly tar road which takes you along the mountain. Take a short right off the tar road, and then the fun begins with an exciting jeep track heading downhill! A little scary here and there and need to have a bit of a good focus and concentration, but all-in-all good FUN!

The total ride is about 20 Km or a bit less, one could increase it by backtracking. 

Overall, nice and fun, good training ground for those longer races with the longer uphills which aren't steep but do drag on, we all know those hills, but most certainly a track to keep in mind.

Rating on the Dirty Scale - 6/10

Let us know how your ride was, and until then. Stay Dirty!

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