Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A new year of riding!

So here we are are, 2012, a new year and a new take onmountain biking. We are Dirt Worx Riding, and the idea behind us starting thisis for you, the reader, to see what is going on in the mountain biking worldfrom another perspective.

At the Dirt Worx Riding blog,we will pretty much have everything in one place if possible, well we hope. Asriders ourselves, everytime we wanted to look for gear, riding trails, eventsetc, we found ourselves looking at everywhere on the interweb, but neverfinding everything in one spot; so why not start something where a person canhopefully find it all, and by finding it all, we depend on you the reader aswell to contribute, after all - everything always helps everyone!

Whether you are a beginnerrider looking for decent gear or looking for information on trails, or justgeneral decent reading on mountain biking, this may be the spot. By no meansare we experts or anything, but we hope as more and more people get involvedwith Dirt Worx Riding, more more experts will share their riding secrets andanything else.

We hope you enjoy it, as muchas we enjoy riding and writing!

                                                                      Let's Get Dirty!

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