Thursday, 28 February 2013

Continuing the Path....

Continuing the path to the long one....

From the previous weekend's race of only 42Km, it was time to take on a little bit more of a challenge, the Franschoek Lions/Porcupine MTB Challenge. Having no idea what I was getting myself into and wondering how it was going to be, all I had heard about this race thus far was (a) It's much more climbing (b) It's always hot in the valley. Well I can say if this a was multiple choice test I wish there was a (c) option because points (a) and (b) were exactly true, except everyone seem to have missed the point of the up hills which was just crazy climbing and the wind, which never....never changed direction to be in our favour.

The profile from the previous year, but fairly similar!

The race started out pretty flat and then started taking you up the Franschoek valley, and from there you kind of knew it was going to be a long day in the saddle. There were a few climbs here and there and even some really nice single track, but what was a highlight was riding through the different wine farms which one normally doesn't have the opportunity to do so. 

After enjoying the wind, and NOT enjoying the wind one bit, I looked up and all I saw was the hill whihc people mentioned before, but then I heard someone also say "see the mast, that's where we going"...all of a sudden the world got a little smaller for me and Gluteus Maximus said....@#$%. But I went for it and wow did it take me by surprise, it was not so much that it was climbing but it was the loose rocks and gravel whihc made the climbing extremely tough, and lets not forget about our friend Mr. Wind who was on us like white on rice!

Finally getting over the "4km" climb, sounds little...ya right! It was straight down, and full force and putting the hammer down was the only way to go for it, which was awesome. Chris and myself had a little duel on the downhill, and after both of us almost seeing our lives flash before our eyes, we both agreed it was a "what were we thinking moment" but fun as always.

Finally the last 4Km was a little bit of a drag but we pushed forward, saw the end and crossed the finish. Overall it was a tough race and I would tackle it again, but Mr. Wind, please from the bottom of heart, stay away!

Till the next one...The Long One...Stay Dirty!

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