Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Race Year Ahead...What's to come!

We all love to ride, after all that is the main reason why we got our bikes . Even though we do our social riding every weekend , maybe sometimes more, we still want to have that competitive feeling. That feeling where “I had a nice ride with my friends” is not enough.

When we ride, there are those feelings to go faster, to smash the single track, to can climb longer...OK maybe not that, but definitely there is a competitiveness that all of us have when riding. This brings us to the Race year ahead.

This year sees quite a few races return, as well as some possible new ones. The old favourites are, of course, the Cape Argus MTB Challenge, which since 2010 is now over 2 days. The Saturday having shorter distances making it more of a Family day. While Sunday will put many riders to the test, whether you are doing the 32 Km, 52 Km or the insane 65 Km. Another  to look out for is the Vineyard Races; previously known as the Vigne de Vigne, which coincides with the last stage of the Epic. This is a great race and is really good fun. This year.one can either to the ride (50 Km, 26 Km) or the trail run (15 Km, 6 Km) the choice is yours. It is a good day out with friends and family as you watch the winners of the Cape Epic come through and of course there is nothing wrong with a little wine tasting.

The Burger is also a great race to watch out for as it is always fun with some decent climbs and very tricky but fun technical, watch out for the river bed if it is included in this year’s course - fun and muddy!

Of Course we cannot leave out the main attraction - The Cape Epic. Yes, it is long, and yes it is expensive, and it is probably best described as the Tour de France of Mountain Biking. I have never done it, and I might never have the chance, but I am pretty sure it is one for the memory books and if you have the opportunity to do it, I say go for it. If you still like the idea of stage races but a lot shorter , then there are others - either the Grape Escape or Wine 2 Whales. Be prepared for heaving riding though, as the days are long but the riding is definitely worth it.

There are many other races to come during the year, check out the Race Day Page to see more details on races and what is upcoming. This will be updated all the time.

More races means more saddle time which means.....time to cowboy up!.

Stay Dirty!

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