Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Night rider!

Last week I got to experience my first night ride in Tokai and I can see why it’s such fun and advocated by many MTB riders. It kinda takes you back to your youth as a little kid playing in the dark wondering what lurks between the trees. Thankfully no monsters lurk in Tokai forest, only rad single track and killer hills.

So off we set on Thursday for my first night ride. Now Tokai can be a challenge enough during the day, so I was expecting some serious concentration and deft handling skills for those switchbacks that the single tracks can dish out!

Our plan was to head up to the contour path where you either head onto the mast or split towards Silvermine gate and from there take the single track back down to the parking lot. Still a newbie to some of Tokai’s single track I definitely had to have my wits about me especially in the dark.

Needless to say, I took on those snake-like tracks without hesitation and charged like a champ. There were a few hair-raising sections that made me second guess myself, but they soon passed as the adrenaline kicked in! The whole way down was a complete jol and really made you focus and challenge yourself to a new level. Not knowing what is waiting for you around the next bend is definitely the best part of the ride, each corner bringing new challenges. Its proper white knuckle riding!

The whole experience was really enjoyable and was topped off with the full moon that popped in and out behind the rolling clouds. The views over the southern suburbs at night are worth the slog up those killer hills. I’m sure there are many of you that have shared similar experiences but to those that haven’t-WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

Lights for your MTB can be bought at your local bike store and retail from about R350 upwards. They are usually easy to clip on or have a coil-like attachment for your handlebars. Some are battery operated while the more expensive come with rechargeable batteries.

Enjoy the ride and keep it safe.

Stay Dirty!



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