Wednesday, 1 February 2012

So what do the Pros talk about?

Often you may find yourself asking so many questions and realizing you have no answers to any of them. I am not talking about the circle of life here, what I mean is...Bike questions - What bike to get, when is it a good time to upgrade, should I change some parts on my bike etc. etc. So who would you listen to and why? Well there is never a good answer to that, everyone has their own thoughts on whats better out there, "Buy the best that money can buy!" but we can always use advice and, a little can always go a long way. So what do the Pros talk about?

Well we are happy to tell you that we hope that some of these questions will be answered soon. Our Pro Talk page will be launching soon, and our Pro will be helping with different questions and providing advice to you once a week. The Pro will be share his thoughts on anything and everything that comes to mind about mountain biking and everything in between

Our Pro comes from a land of gears and sweat, he has traveled far to come and see how the riding battles are fought in the great plains of The Cape...! Wait, carried away there, sorry. Our Pro is Oli Munnik, he has been in the riding seat for at least 12 years and currently is a team member of Team GT. He is a professional, yes, he does what we all love for a living. Oli currently lives in Cape Town and when he is not smashing the races, he's here with us at Dirt Worx Riding, looking after your questions and just general advice. To find out a bit more about our Pro, check him out at

By no means is this the beginning and end of the advice that you can get. Always ask your local bike shop, check forums and ask friends on their thoughts when it comes to riding, after all we are all in this together. So check under the "Pro Talk" page to see all the happenings of riding with the Pros!

So lets get the lowdown and Stay dirty

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